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The life we lead nowadays often forces us to endure a very intense rhythm. This causes us to suffer from stress or anxiety, which can lead to a series of problems that can affect our oral health. The mouth guards are the solution for bruxism and other ailments, perfect for treating different oral problems, such as:

Bruxism: One of the best known today and suffered by many patients due to stress and the intense pace of life. It occurs during sleep and consists of grinding or clenching the teeth. The unloading splint becomes the ally to alleviate and correct jaw pressure. As it is made of resin, the splint absorbs all the pressure and it is this pressure that wears away and not the teeth.

Continuing with bruxism, we would like to emphasise a series of symptoms that can lead us to detect it in time and be able to correct it with an unloading splint.

Dental wear and tear: If we notice that our teeth begin to show signs of obvious wear and tear, we should visit the dentist immediately. If this is not done in time, the problem could be serious and lead to the loss of the worn teeth.

Headaches and neck pain: This is one of the most common symptoms of bruxism. By putting so much pressure on the jaw, this has repercussions on the neck and head.

Earache: Continuing with the theme of the pressure of the lower teeth against the upper teeth when we sleep, this can lead to the temporomandibular joint being affected and can reach the ear. It should be remembered that the external auditory canal is located close to this joint.

Nobrux is Corus’ exclusive customised splint that puts an end to nocturnal tooth wear and allows patients to smile during the day without jaw pain and other discomforts associated with bruxism. Made with the most advanced digital technology and exclusive materials, Nobrux is predictable, has a perfect fit and offers an innovative presentation. More than 2,700 dentists and 150,000 patients have trusted the effectiveness and quality of Nobrux and the unique experience it offers.


The perfect box to store the splint during the day or to take it on the road.

Peppermint flavoured spray

Bactericidal action, helps fight plaque formation, refreshes the mouth and provides an intense sensation of freshness.

Cleaning tablets

They thoroughly clean the splint, eliminate unpleasant odours and provide a pleasant, fresh mint flavour.

Instructions for use

They provide information on how to use the splint, and how and when to use each product.


An exclusive Corus material that is more comfortable, resistant and biocompatible, with a better fit, and a blue colour that improves its ageing.


Digital techniques ensure customisation and precise control of design, manufacturing and finishing parameters, guaranteeing quality and traceability.


Starting with an intraoral scan, the workflow is 100% digital, allowing for a customised design and perfect fit from the very first moment. Fast, convenient, efficient and cost-effective.

Anti-snoring splint

This splint is an innovative EC-approved anti-snoring system consisting of metal-free splints, unique on the market.

This anti-snoring system gently moves the jaw forward, keeping the airway open and clear, and eliminates the vibration of the soft tissues, a frequent cause of loud snoring. It is a comfortable product, allowing freedom of movement, as well as freedom to drink water or talk, during the pre-sleep state.

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