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There are many services offered by a dental clinic, although not all of them offer the same ones. We are a clinic that innovates to offer the best treatment. We are able to cover all dental services thanks to our dental team.

Dental Surgery

Any treatment that aims to solve any anatomical problem in the face, oral cavity or neck of the patient can be the object of dental surgery. It is usually performed to eliminate infections, carry out dental rehabilitations or correct congenital defects and dento-skeletal malformations.


These are thin porcelain sheets that are bonded to the teeth to change the shape or colour of worn, broken or stained teeth.


Whitening plays an important role here. It is a dental treatment that serves to change the colour of the teeth, making them lighter. It is completely painless and can be done in the clinic or at your own home based on the opinion of our professionals.

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry responsible for treating the youngest members of the family. At Ferrer Dental Clinic we take care of examining and treating children of all ages to ensure that their oral health is optimal.


Endodontics consists of the extraction of the infected dental pulp due to possible untreated caries. And specifically, rotary endodontics is a working discipline that specialises in detecting any symptoms in the dental pulp and finding a solution to the problem.

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